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Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA is pleased to provide you with our company profile. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA have been accredited by ESETA accreditation number 583/0143 with the objective of creating a centre of excellence in the field of development and capacity building. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services Africa successfully upgraded its accreditation status to the full status of Institutional Centre of Excellence (ISOE) June 2008. Since then Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA has successfully complied to and maintained its accreditation status.
Accreditation is a means of demonstrating an institutions competence hence allowing Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA to maintain its competitiveness both nationally and internationally. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA is assessed and moderated several times a year. This ensures that Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA abide by the policies and procedures defined by SETA, EDTP and SAQA

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Workshop Schedule 2016.pdf

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Cover wide range of software services and models in:


  • Water Resources Management that integrates
  • Data acquisition, including real-time monitoring data and telemetry.
  • Geo-referenced data objects, statistical analysis,  embedded geographical information system (GIS  for spatial analysis and splay (topical maps).
  • Management and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Decision support tools, design and optimization.
  • Catchment management
  • Environmental management
  • Water Quality management

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Contact us

Head Office
1237B Lawson Avenue
Waverley. Pretoria
Tel: 012 332 0048
Middelburg Branch:
Johan Pieterse 082 927 6327
Managing Director
Natasha Pieterse 076 362 9038

Lydenburg Branch - Frans Bloem

Tel: 013 235 3713

Cell: 071 568 3784

Email: frans@promeetse.co.za

PostNet Suite #8

Private Bag X855



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