Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA is pleased to provide you with our company profile. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA have been accredited by ESETA accreditation number 583/0143 with the objective of creating a centre of excellence in the field of development and capacity building. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA successfully upgraded its accreditation status to the full status of Institutional Centre of Excellence (ISOE) June 2008. Since then Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA has successfully complied to and maintained its accreditation status. (See Appendix C) 

Accreditation is a means of demonstrating an institutions competence hence allowing Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA to maintain its competitiveness both nationally and internationally. Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA is assessed and moderated several times a year. This ensures that Pro Meetse and Environmental Services AFRICA abide by the policies and procedures defined by SETA, EDTP and SAQA.

The benefits of accreditation have included:

  • Providing methods that have been validated and hence
  • Produce results of known and defensible quality.
  • Being able to assure customers that training they received are valid.
  • Mutual recognition agreements with international bodies, hence providing the potential to access global markets.
  • An increase in commercial work due to the trust that clients have in accredited service providers.

The training Programme is committed to providing its customers with a reliable, cost-effective service through the implementation of the Quality Management System. The facilitation is directed towards identified unit standards, outcome based, national assessments and the collection of representative evidence which are reliably, fair, valid and authentic and efficiently captured into a personal portfolio of evidence to meet SAQA and SETA requirements. 

With extensive experience in implementing high quality full qualifications and skills programmes for Water Service Providers, Water Service Authorities, Local Municipalities and District Municipalities, Pro Meetse and Environmental Services ARICA can assure the customer an efficient, cost effective and high quality service.


CC Registration No: 2010/099616/23
Tax Registration No: 9328198172

FEMTOFLASH t/a PRO MEETSE and Environmental Services AFRICA CC is a Close Corporation Registration No: 2010/099616/23 with Offices in Limpopo, Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape governed by the Board of Members. 

PRO MEETSE needs to establish its base of operations in all the Provinces in South AFRICA. PRO MEETSE intends to offer Water and Sanitation training courses meeting the growing demand and reducing the backlog of the South AFRICA Water Sector. These include Water Treatment training, Wastewater Treatment training, Electrical Maintenance training, Mechanical Maintenance training and Supervisory Management training. Courses were launched in 2005 and the first phase with the assistance and support by the French came to a closure in August 2007. 

PRO MEETSE has the reputation for offering quality courses in Water and Sanitation training that has provided value long after the classes ended.

Scope of Work

PRO MEETSE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFRICA scope of work is in the following fields:


The company operates in full compliance with the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) philosophy and the quality requirements set by SAQA and ESETA. It has also developed a mechanism for evaluation the needs of training at local level and to advise and offer appropriate short term skills programs aimed at quick upgrading of the skills of employed staff in the water sector and train unemployed people. 

PRO MEETSE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFRICA have developed high quality teaching materials and tools, which are based on the best national and international experiences. The workbooks, manuals and Power Point Presentations as well as practical hand on experience exposure will serve during the training sessions and as a valuable reference tools thereafter. 

Kindly peruse the attached document for all Full Qualifications and Skill Programs Accredited.

Environmental Services 

Cover wide range of software services and models in:

  • Water Resources Management that integrates Data acquisition, including real-time monitoring data and telemetry.
  • Geo-referenced data objects, statistical analysis, embedded geographical information system (GIS for spatial analysis and splay (topical maps).
  • Management and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Decision support tools, design and optimization.
  • Catchment management
  • Environmental management
  • Water Quality management

Operational Maintenance 

PRO MEETSE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFRICA technical team has expertise of designing and maintaining the water infrastructure, including potable and waste water purification facilities.

Vision and Mission Statements 


  • We strive to promote, Educate and Empower the Communities, Water communities, project steering committees, Local Authorities, Water Service providers and water service authorities with a capacity to become owners and co-owners of the water and sanitation discipline in their areas
  • We strive to render a sustainable service, while being  pro-active, protecting our natural resources in an environmentally sound manner 


We will strive to deliver quality, cost effective service to all our clients by maintaining a professional ethical policy 

Core Values:

  • We will at all times provide the right service in the right place at the right time to transform capacity in South AFRICA and AFRICA through skills development solutions to suit customer needs and wants for mutual benefit.
  • We will act as honest citizens at all times, sharing our skills, knowledge and resources, caring for our customers and environment, serving the business community.
  • We will provide a challenging climate in which all People can grow and develop through self-motivation, entrepreneurship and initiative, transferring the required skills and knowledge in support of corporate goals.
  • We will be innovative trend setters to provide a point of difference in the market to provide above average returns to our People and stakeholders.


PRO MEETSE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFRICA is committed to contribute to the development of the rural and underprivileged communities in South Africa and African continent. The company will offer free of charge training for one or more trainees, depending on the size of the contract with the respective client. The recipient of the company award will be determined jointly with the client and the community where the training takes place. In long run depending on the company growth and income PRO MEETSE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFRICA intends to establish a scholarship award for deserving promising students.


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